The City of Chicago ordinance and State of Illinois law changes regularly due to actions of the Chicago City Counsel and State Legislature.  Court rulings also impact all of the ordinances and statutes discussed on this page.

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The first step is to make sure you have a Firearms Owners ID Card, FOID.  This is issued by the Illinois State Police.  Information and forms can be found at the Illinois State Police website found here:

It is a crime in the State of Illinois to possess any firearm or ammunition without a valid FOID card.  If you need assistance getting a FOID card or you have been arrested for possession of either a firearm or ammunition seek competent legal advice right away.

Chicago Firearm Permit

Once you have your FOID card you are now ready to apply for your Chicago Firearm Permit, the CFP.  The CFP is a card that grants it's holder the right to register a firearm in the City of Chicago.  You cannot register any weapon in Chicago without a CFP.

To get a CFP you must be 21 years of age or older (18 with parental consent,) have a valid FOID card, must not have been convicted of certain crimes, and other qualifications.  You must also have successfully completed a firearm training course with at least 4 hours of classroom training and 1 hour of instructed range time.  Additionally you must complete an application and pay the $100 fee.

If you need assistance with any of the qualifications my office would be happy to advise you as to what needs to be completed and finding you a qualified training instructor.

There are many other restrictions that should be considered such as people who have guns registered under the prior ordinance and guns already in the city.  If you have doubts as to how these effect you please seek legal advice right away and time does matter.  If you don't register a firearm within a certain time-frame you may never be able to register the firearm.

Firearm Registration Certificate

Every firearm within the City of Chicago must have a valid Firearm Registration Certificate.  This is the actual "gun registration" that most of us think of when we think about registering a firearm.

You cannot register a firearm without a valid FOID AND valid CFP.

You have to complete the registration application and re-register each firearm every year as long as the firearm remains in the City of Chicago.  The annual fee for each firearm is $15.00.  The late registration fee is $60.00.

Be aware that there are many restrictions on what firearms can and cannot be registered in the city.  There is also a very strict time-frame in which firearms already in the city must be registered or they can become unregisterable.  If you already have a firearm in the city or you plan to acquire a firearm that will be kept in the city you are strongly advised to seek legal advice.

Other Things You Should Know

Once you have registered your firearm there are still many things you need to know, many laws to be followed.  You may want to start with my FAQ (click here) and again, you are encouraged to seek legal advice.


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